While most of our customers (about 75%) complete the erection of their buildings themselves, a good number of them ask us for turnkey solutions. 

Enrich Building Solutions is a one-stop-shop for your steel building needs. If you want a turnkey building solution, we work with several trusted third-party contractors to make the process of completing your building project easy. We will even act on your behalf during the construction permit application process, if you need a permit in your area.

Note that while our contractors will travel literally anywhere in the world to install your Enrich building, there are times when it makes more sense for you to source a local contractor to help with your project. Whatever you decide to do, we have the most experienced customer support team in the industry, and we will guide you accordingly. To begin the process, contact us today by phone at 1-800-413-4030, or by email at sales@enrichbuildings.com

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