The truth is, our pre-engineered steel buildings are more durable, more versatile and more affordable than most other building solutions in the market. They provide superior protection against wind, heavy rains, hail, snow, ice and are used even in earthquake prone areas.

Many of the most desired design elements come standard when you purchase any of our pre-engineered steel buildings.  All our buildings are designed to maximize use of the interior space, hence saving you money. Our specialty is clear span, eliminating the need for posts and beams that take up valuable interior space.

These are some of the many attributes that make our engineered steel buildings your obvious choice.  Our corrugated steel buildings come from the trusted Pioneer Steel factory, which has been manufacturing great buildings since 1980.

Many of the most desired design elements come standard when you purchase any of our pre-engineered steel buildings.  All our buildings are designed to maximize use of the interior space, hence saving you money. Our specialty is clear span, eliminating the need for posts and beams that take up valuable interior space.

We take great pride in our reputation for providing steel building solutions for residential, industrial and commercial applications across North America and worldwide. We work with the biggest names in industry, commerce and all levels of governments.

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With the backing of Pioneer Steel’s over 34 years of manufacturing engineered steel buildings, Enrich Buildings has remained committed to providing the highest quality buildings, accessories and the best customer service in the industry.

We have over 190 years of collective expertise in the design, manufacture and distribution of clear span pre-engineered steel buildings – that’s our Founders, senior executives, engineers, senior factory personnel, management and consulting partners. There is no better team of experts in this industry anywhere in North America.

You can rest assured that our team of professional and industry-best sales team will guide you through the buying process. And our team of project managers are always at hand to help you decide which building makes the most sense for your application. They will even help you with questions pertaining to erecting your building. We know this industry inside out. You can count of us!


Every single Pioneer Steel-made Enrich Building is manufactured from 100% AZ180 (AZ60 in the United States) Galvalume Plus™ steel. Galvalume Plus steel sheets have a unique zinc-aluminum alloy that guarantees the best of both corrosion resistance and heat reflectivity. Our Galvalume Plus steel sheet has ranked above industry standards for over 25 years – making our buildings solid investments that offer peace of mind.

Without a doubt, we offer the most comprehensive range of designs and models in today’s market. We offer from the traditional Quonset-style buildings to our straight-sided buildings with peaked roofs. If solid engineering, savings, variety and peace of mind are what you want, then look no further because we offer exactly that.

Flexibility is something many customers demand of our buildings, and we deliver. Most of our buildings are easily dismantled and relocated elsewhere if required. Keep in mind our buildings are well suited for a variety of commercial, agricultural, industrial and residential applications. 100% clear span. Truss-less design. The largest amount of useable space. These are all factors that make our buildings affordable and unique. They also require less labour and time to construct, translating to better value per square foot

We also offer a wide variety of accessories to complement each of our engineered steel building models.   Such accessories like skylights, ventilators, and a large selection of garage doors, service doors and sliding doors.  Additionally, we offer conveniently pre-drilled base plates, self-adhesive caulking strips and insulation pins. All these make Enrich Buildings your one-stop shop for any project size, big or small.

Steel Frame

Enrich Steel FrameGarages are made in Canada and come in a variety of sizes from 20’ wide to over400’ wide, depending on the configuration. For sizes under 90’ wide, we offer clear span construction, without center posts to interrupt use of the space



Our “E” model buildings are perfect for use in a broad range of applications. It is most popularly used for storage, on-site offices, retail outlets, free-standing garages, workshops & mechanic shop applications.



“A” Model buildings feature a cathedral-style peaked roof with 4:12 pitch. Popularly known as the 'wide-body “E” Model’ -  most innovative design to date and offers the most interior space.



The competition can’t match us for low roof lines and high sidewall clearances in this model. A lower roof line translates into a more pleasing aesthetic . They are very popular for medium-to-large industrial, agricultural and military applications, and has a growing demand for equipment storage.



Traditional Quonset Style that is the least expensive 100% clear span engineered steel building per square foot



“M” Model buildings feature a clear span design with straight sides, single-lap construction and is the smallest pre-engineered steel building in its class



Creating custom shapes and sizes is a breeze. Our superior engineering methods will help you achieve the results you want quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of labor. Expansion and custom fitting will really depend on your needs.


quality assurance

Our pre-engineered steel buildings are environmentally friendly, virtually maintenance free, easy to erect and last a very long time. They are durable and made with super-tough North American Galvalume Plus™ Steel. They are accurately designed and precisely cut. There is no bending, shifting, denting or breakage. The steel is completely clean and non-porous

This is our assurance of quality and excellence, backed by our manufacturing partners:

  • Every single building is designed using the governing building code to withstand the published wind, snow and seismic conditions.
  • Every single building is certified under CSA-A660 Quality Certification for Steel Building Systems.
  • Manufacturing facilities are Welding Bureau certified to CSA Standard 47.1 for fusion welding of steel.

Why our customers love us?

We've worked with hundreds of customers and companies worldwide, here's what they say about us:

Doug Hansen
Oregon, USA

"The all-steel construction is far more durable and rugged than wood, as it does not rust, rot, warp or need painting – ever. My new building is so good that I got rid of my old wood storage shed. I really appreciate the clear span construction as it gives me 100% usable space allowing me to install a mezzanine. I really enjoy my building and I use it every day. I highly recommend."

David M. Hazel
Typhoon survivor - Guam

"Guam was hit by super typhoon Paka… When it was over, my house sustained $40,000 worth of damage and my Enrich building, $0. The building escaped totally unscathed. My neighbor saw that it was able to withstand the winds and bought a building for himself."

Andy Brant
Omega Electric
Ontario, Canada

"I am extremely satisfied with my Enrich building. It is of good quality and is ideal for storage due to the clear span interior. I found the service from Enrich Buildings to be more than satisfactory. The people were wonderful to deal with."

Henk Verhoef
British Columbia, Canada

"I am a small contractor in British Columbia who has completed constructing an Enrich Steel building. Having had previous construction experience, I can tell you that your product is a very good one — user friendly, in today's lingo. The aforementioned building was erected on time and within budget. I will recommend Enrich Buildings to anyone considering a sound, affordable building."

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