Steel Frame

  • Enrich Steel Frame Garages are made in Canada and come in a variety of sizes from 20’ wide to over 400’ wide, depending on the configuration.
  • For sizes under 90’ wide, we offer clear span construction, without center posts to interrupt use of the space.
  • A unique feature of our steel frame line is 100% galvanized steel members, which means your building will not rust under normal conditions.
  • Our Steel Frame Garages are perfect for use in abroad range of applications.
  • They may be used as permanent or portable structures and may be dismantled and relocated if required

Common usage Includes:

  • Car Garage
  • Office Space
  • Equipment Storage
  • Studios
  • Industrial Shop
  • Hunting Lodge
  • Boat & RV Storage
  • Home Additions
  • Boat Storage
  • Man Cave 
  • Woman Cave 

Note: 10' to 20' widths available with various center heights and unlimited lengths. Various sidewall clearance heights available as well.

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Doug Hansen
Oregon, USA

"The all-steel construction is far more durable and rugged than wood, as it does not rust, rot, warp or need painting – ever. My new building is so good that I got rid of my old wood storage shed. I really appreciate the clear span construction as it gives me 100% usable space allowing me to install a mezzanine. I really enjoy my building and I use it every day. I highly recommend."

David M. Hazel
Typhoon survivor - Guam

"Guam was hit by super typhoon Paka… When it was over, my house sustained $40,000 worth of damage and my Enrich building, $0. The building escaped totally unscathed. My neighbor saw that it was able to withstand the winds and bought a building for himself."

Andy Brant
Omega Electric
Ontario, Canada

"I am extremely satisfied with my Enrich building. It is of good quality and is ideal for storage due to the clear span interior. I found the service from Enrich Buildings to be more than satisfactory. The people were wonderful to deal with."

Henk Verhoef
British Columbia, Canada

"I am a small contractor in British Columbia who has completed constructing an Enrich Steel building. Having had previous construction experience, I can tell you that your product is a very good one — user friendly, in today's lingo. The aforementioned building was erected on time and within budget. I will recommend Enrich Buildings to anyone considering a sound, affordable building."

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